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We re-opened our doors today!!! 🥳🥳

We’ve spent the last few days cleaning, preparing, decorating and giving the place a few new coats of paint 😉 We were ready and waiting to welcome the children back this morning, with all the new protocol in place.












An outing to Zeffie’s!











































Our little ones enjoying our new Sensory Room!!

This room was specifically designed to help our children develop and engage their senses. The children are stimulated through lights, colours, sounds, soft play objects and multiple textures. They are given the time to explore the space safely and freely.










Magic Kingdom’s One Year Anniversary!! 🙂

On the 14th of September 2016, we celebrated one year since opening our doors to little, happy, bright and lovable children 🙂

We started with just 6 children and a few teachers and now the centre is bursting with bright and colourful crafts, laughter, music and dancing. We have a strong team of teachers who have helped us grow and create a positive and fun environment for the children who attend our centre.  

Below are a just a few photos of how we celebrated this special day


Since we opened our doors in September our children have been very busy playing, exploring, learning and having fun! We make sure to give the children a holistic programme of activities to stimulate all senses. Every month each class covers a different topic and some of these topics have been Christmas, Healthy Eating, The World Around Us, People Who Helps Us, Easter and many more. Our carers come up with new, fun and exciting ways for the children to learn about the world they live in.

Below are just a few photos of the children enjoying some of these fun activities 🙂

Open Day

On September 12th 2015, Magic Kingdom opened their doors to the public to allow everyone to view the centre and enrol their children. There were lots of fun games and activities for the children to enjoy such as cooking, painting, dancing, crafts, outdoor play, story time, face painting, balloon animals and more. While the children enjoyed themselves the parents were shown around the centre and were told about our Policies and Procedures, Curriculum and Daily Routines.

It was a great success!

Below please find pictures of our fun filled day.


The Opening of Magic Kingdom

After the successful takeover of Barney’s Childcare and Development Centre back in 2013, the directors of Apex Community Care decided to expand and open up another childcare centre.

Finding the right location with enough natural light and space to allow the children to play feely, was no easy feat. Finally construction works on Magic Kingdom began in June of 2015 and after three months of hard work, the end result was a fantastic state of the art childcare centre! We opened our doors in September 2015

Below please find pictures of the journey.