Our Locations

We operate a total of 5 childcares

Happy Kidz

Location: St.Julians

We implement various activities and games to ensure children receive a holistic education. We also teach everyday practical skills to encourage autonomy and prepare children for kindergarten.

Magic Kingdom

Location: Msida

We offer a wide range of activities for the Children attending our centre which all focus on promoting independence and creativity – learning through play.


Location: Fgura

Each child’s unique needs are recognized and potentials nurtured. There is nothing more rewarding than allowing children to experience different learning opportunities that builds success for life. 


Location: Ghaxaq

Our programme recognises that early childhood is a vital period for children’s learning and development where ‘belonging, being and becoming’ are the three main pillars of the foundation for such programme.


Location: Zejtun

At Iż-Żugraga, your child is at the heart of everything we do. We want to instil a love for learning to serve as a good foundation for the years ahead.

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